• Tired Traveler Tales: 2

  • Posted on 15/06/23 07:29am
  • So this happened.
    Yesterday I lost my phone.
    I tracked it.
    It said it was such and such a street 14 miles away.
    I went to the Street. A cul-de-sac.
    I had to knock on every door.
    That was weird. Said the same thing.
    "Ok this is weird, I know.... but.... " etc.
    And everyone was lovely and keen to help.
    No one had the faintest Idea about the phone but everyone would keep an eye out.

    As I was about to hit the last but one house a car pulled
    up in the drive of the last house.
    So I waited for the driver to get out.
    She got out.
    She was oblivious to me. In her world.
    Smiling to herself.
    She saw me and I startled her.
    Big daft guy in her drive.
    I apologised.
    Told her my woe.
    She said, "Mike" ??
    I said "Yes. How do you know my name?" thinking
    maybe she's seen me play.
    Then she told me her name, and I suddenly
    saw the girl from school who became my first girlfriend.
    It was a brief affair, we were just kids... 14 or 15 maybe...
    I felt very moved by that.
    We never mentioned it ofcourse.
    What are the odds?
    She was very helpful.
    I had a memory later of when we were first kissed...
    at a school dance...
    the gentlest thing... like two pockets of air
    melting through each other,
    ghosts embracing....
    She was shy, but more experienced,
    I was an idiot, and naive.

    And here we stood,
    some 45 years later,
    on her drive...

    We have stories.
    Let's find some kindling for the fire..
    Jaw awhile.

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