• An hour with Edna

  • Posted on 30/05/23 10:01pm
  • If I boil my green galoshes
    or rip the fin from a Koi
    or list the dates from arse to elbow
    of the robots in the AI multiverse
    If I tip tins of joy all over the polished marble floor
    where adults who seem to dissolve
    slip and slide, in a pretense of modern dance
    If I do all this in the eye of a dream
    I tend to yawn by midday
    And crave quality jaw-jaw with a woman
    who's seen a thing or two
    with tales of the first war
    blind and deaf as a door knob
    and funny as a dog that stops snapshot
    mid whacko whirlwind psychotic episode.
    Drop kick me into anywhere
    After an hour with Edna

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