• Love angles

  • Posted on 29/05/23 10:09pm
  • Neighbours get noisy
    when they pass the cuddle stage
    I reach for earphones
    lest I hear her say
    'call me your delinquent'
    and he replies on cue
    'you are my delinquent
    my one and only view'
    and other stuff that singed
    the edge of pages
    that were banned on flicker
    the saints embrace the sinner
    hoping that the walls
    are thicker
    or, like delinquents do
    wish that they were thinner....
    Whatever have and have knots
    through the ages had to say
    or priests and poets binding
    souls through guilt and shame
    and play
    I feel this moment theirs
    and theirs alone
    despite perhaps
    the sky bound eyes
    still straining to condone
    When the soft squint
    of base desire
    folds you into flight
    I turn the music even higher
    And dance away your night.

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