• The cusp of Rayano

  • Posted on 31/01/23 08:50am
  • I had a dream
    It was quite beautiful
    It involved Rayano
    with the emphasis
    so a seething under the skin
    woman told me
    on the o
    I danced with her
    And we simply glid
    As my dear friend Norma
    with the emphasis on dear friend
    used to say and still does on occasion.
    Rayano was quiet and beautiful
    And we'll never dance again.
    Those moments we are in love
    with a stranger
    are beautiful and weightless
    They may involve a brief exchange
    A glance that slips between touch
    to create a shared longing
    Skipped beats of the heart
    strewn across ages
    secrets long forgotten.
    She had a long dress and sneakers
    And her innocence
    cusped her fascination for me
    I want to go back
    to that dream
    to thank her
    strange as that seems.

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