• Entitled to anger

  • Posted on 17/01/23 10:28pm
  • I've known a few people who felt they had
    an entitlement to their anger.
    Just the anger felt, seemed enough of a reason
    for its justifaction.
    Pointing out the fatal flaw bobbing up and down
    in the red sea of their disgruntled face,
    was not the thing to do, in fact to do so,
    however calmly, however caringly, could be
    a betrayal, or a grenade thrown into a tirade of grenades.

    It's obviously the seed of barren soil.
    Vulnerabilty couched in some kind of knowing authority,
    smug and volatile, intractable, incendiary,
    a vacuous conflagration of historic unmet needs.

    (That last sentence was too much. Unnecessary.
    Too big for its own boots.
    I'm already reaching for the shedding pen.
    I'll leave it.)

    Just the anger you feel, entitles you to call the shots...

    But it doesn't. You know that right?
    The fact it feels good isn't enough.
    The fact you feel you've shed your sin like a skin
    because you found one more fool to flog
    is just the ravings of a coward hiding in the shadows of self righteous virtue.

    Pointing out that fatal flaw,
    if I can see it, is not the thing to do
    in the face of such brittle intractabilty.
    But I'm damned if I'll take any heed of that.

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