• Optical delusion

  • Posted on 28/09/22 09:18pm
  • A woman I knew
    Competition mad
    Heels over head in love
    with a wise guy
    who shot to fame in a shooting,
    went for an eye test
    that you didn't see coming.
    Decided to swerve the system
    Pull the wool over the eyes
    of the optometrist
    'Press the button' she says
    'when you see a light in your periferal'
    So she presses the button
    when she sees the light
    and she learns the timing of the light-flick
    So she presses in the longer gaps
    the light-flick undetected
    so she can win the game.
    A month later she walks
    in front of a truck
    And the coffin was long and wide
    and an inch thick.

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