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  • Posted on 27/09/22 08:47pm
  • Peel Solanum tuberosum.
    Spread evenly with a little oil added,
    on the foiled floor of your roasting tin.
    Add chopped Daucus carota, Apium graveolens,
    a capsicum, and tomatoes for which the latin
    escapes me. Google is not my friend.
    I have real friends with a liver and a kidney and some
    problems either financial or physical or romantic.
    Then, place a chicken on top of these veg mostly in the latin.
    If you're a pescatarian, flirt some fish on but literally 12 minutes
    before end of cooking.
    If you're a vegetarian, add mushrooms and aubergine 33 minutes
    before end of cooking.
    After the first suggestion, there'll be a stock accumulation
    and the veg will cook in that.
    The second suggestion will have a little stock gathered to which you can
    add onions reduced in white wine and add a little vegetable bouillion.
    The third needs all the help it can get, then add the reduced onions etc.
    After cooking use the stock of the first, with a little demerara sugar added,
    along with reduced onions in the white wine.
    Reduce the whole stock and use as a gravy.

    If you like, when the first is cooked, you can remove the stock, and
    the chicken, and crisp the veg on a higher heat for about 10 mins.

    Once served, eat slowly and deliberately and savour like
    angels savour the last 20 minutes of 'It's a Wonderful LIfe'.

    You may need to separate the oil from the stock.
    Do so. And use it the oil to crisp up the veg on the high heat at the end.

    Use it the oil.

    Comma's slid off the digital page, Like fish in it, the oil.

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