• The Fortune of the Faceless

  • Posted on 20/09/22 10:08pm
  • Long Life
    The Queen.
    Husband too.
    And Mother, bested the both.
    One day, her head, the Queen
    was all over money
    Coins and paper and plastic.
    Imagine your head all over money
    And stamps.
    I prefer her in jeans and t-shirt
    but wearing the crown for a funny.
    I prefer her telling a corgi "NO!!!"
    when the corgi was barking at a dog
    on the telly.
    She couldn't sleep some nights.
    Affairs going round and round in her crown support.
    The smell of Churchill's head, a dunked head in a
    jar of cigar smoke
    and an erotic thought slapped right between the eyes
    of her Coronation. Not even Phil knew about that...
    too prone to share what he felt humanised them...
    To his driver on Safari.
    How many times did she say,
    'I didn't ask for this'
    And then the luxury
    of being 'one of the crowd'
    with her sister
    On VE day, May 8th, 1945,
    And my Mam just turned 15
    And the Queen's Mum shy of 45.
    What would you have done?
    Ask it now. Live it awhile.
    Of course you wouldnt
    have been you.
    And thats the point.
    You've always got a but,
    because that's in you now
    whatever her guard at arms says,
    or the old guy who tended to her horses
    this past 30 years and more.
    To want more than anything,
    to shop for a scarf yourself,
    Imagine wanting that,
    more than anything.

© Mike Walker 2022