• Let them find it for themselves

  • Posted on 09/09/22 09:18am
  • There’s a way of saying something and I cannot find it, the way, the way of saying the say.
    I look between the cracks of conversations that seem to wrestle meaning to the ground, or clip its wings,
    or crunge it’s teeth to dust
    I don’t know what crunge is.
    I’ve been told there are no boob tubes in Bethlehem.
    Putting words together in certain ways stimulates the brain in positive
    or not so ways.
    Striatum might be an apt word here and some know why and some don’t and both are blameless ...
    oh do stop blaming.
    Some didn’t get this far...
    they gave up because they need their pathways trodden in one direction
    any deviation causes stress,
    but that little stress creates new pathways of neural.
    New pathways of neural?
    And then you give up.
    It’s not worth persevering.
    Not worth your time.
    And you don’t like certain phrases like ‘
    ‘at the end of the day’ or ‘if you say so’ ...
    But when words burgle their way into your
    Skull prisoner,
    thieving their way through that barbed wire thought box,
    you get confused so which is it to be?
    The well oiled wheel,
    the path less travelled
    I know it’s the road and that’s what my meaning gets to.
    Yes the gramma and spelly are belly
    crawling cross the floor
    leaving a prefix behind,
    but that’s not the points the s is meant.
    That’s the meaning. It’s just you and me.
    And now.
    Just we.
    In a terrible fight for the right to be.
    And the shock, the last bit of twisty...
    The freedom in a thought uttered...
    A swear word..
    a beautiful swear word
    or a name,
    yes your spelling,
    John, yes that John,
    Pete, and Al and Tom and Grace,
    Alex and the need of that last word,
    That girl I love, that boy I love,
    or Jake, mad as hell
    and trying to pour himself away,
    and those we find the audacity to forgive, pretending we are past forgiveness..
    Smoke and mirrors,
    another phrase some detest.
    Next it’ll be that well worn phrase ‘I love you’
    But oh, how I do.
    And the thing is when we can’t get the world to clutch its tired heart, there might be a good song in the shared smile of a stranger. Of not with. Let that go.
    Just me and you. Now. And now.
    Now you.
    Write your heart out and don’t mark
    the way...
    let them find it for themselves.

© Mike Walker 2022