• Red car round and round

  • Posted on 04/08/22 02:35am
  • Aldeburgh. About 2am.
    B&B just off a roundabout.
    Wake up to car screeching around and around the roundabout.
    Gotta be boys having their fun.
    Is it ever girls that do that?
    I digress.
    The car moves on, thrill depletion on the 5th round.
    I drift off only to hear a car heading toward the roundabout.
    Can't be.
    And yet....
    about the 3rd round I open my curtains and look to see a red car...
    and the smoke from burning rubber,
    the loud screeching.
    They move on, having made some point, or no point.
    Or who cares?
    Perhaps it's a girl, peeved about her lower than average grades.
    Or a dog hell bent on creating havoc.
    Howling like a human.
    Or an old person celebrating the letter from the queen,
    All shot to hell on heroine, and bank notes spilling from the windows.
    Or a kid lacking imagination.
    A roundabout can do that to a kid.
    World seems funny at the minute.
    All bobbly and serious funny.
    I listened to a story of a lifelight gone
    just yesterday, from a delicate soul.
    Broke my heart.
    And the red car, round and round.

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