• Sligo

  • Posted on 27/07/22 12:24pm
  • Just did a lovely weeks workshops and concerts in Sligo.
    I get a bike when I'm there and cycle around the town.
    Saw some great Trad Irish Folk played by a young trio
    in a bar called Conolly's, by the river.
    The only time i succumbed to a couple of beers.
    T-total the rest of the week.
    Some great tutors on the course.
    My old buddies, Nikki and Pete and daughter Immy.
    John Goldsby, Matt Halpin and Phil Robson, Christine Tobin,
    Tony Kofi etc etc.
    Watching children of 8 playing music with Children of 72....
    It's my favourite.
    Anyway... I had a good time.

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