• You're in your head

  • Posted on 02/03/22 02:04pm
  • You’re in your head.
    If you get that, then you should know that the person you’re talking to is in their head.
    They’re making little observations, little self talk comments.
    It’s tough to stop that. To totally be in what someone is saying to you,
    especially when they are not totally inside what you say to them.
    You’re in your head. Best know it now.
    If you know it, and remind yourself frequently, it’ll give space for a real conversation.
    Imagine getting that, from someone who knows it about themselves too.
    It’s not easy sharing dialogue, but it’s what makes the difference in life, I feel. The shared experience gives meaning.
    So, yes, you want to be heard today... but do you want to hear?
    Someone shares something with you, and it’s difficult for them and you say ‘been there, worn the t shirt’.
    Think about that, for a moment.
    Now, you say hi to someone at a party, and they say hi but then they immediately say a bigger hi to someone over your shoulder.
    Ok, you might be ‘big enough’ to ride that, but at some point, you won’t be. You won’t have the armour or the nonchalant breeze that briskly walks you through that potential mauling.
    It’s basically this - you’re in a hurry and people are in your way and they are the enemy and annoying and slow and frustrating and inconsiderate. Next day you’re not in a hurry, and the person who barged past you quickly,
    needs to take a chill pill, and they are the enemy,
    and annoying and too fast and inconsiderate.
    You’re in your head. Self talk slapping you silly, you need a rest.
    Listen for a while, without having been there and having worn the t shirt.
    Then listen even more. No advice. Just listening.
    You might mend a broken heart, at least for a while.
    It may be yours.

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