• New Years Resolutions

  • Posted on 01/01/22 11:21am
  • 1. Give up giving up.
    2. See things
    3. Have Fun
    4. Burst into tears during the meld point of fusion
    5. Do nothing, together, on the side of a mountain
    6. Whisper into the ears of a horse,
    tell her we love her, in stereo
    7. Buy one square foot of land
    where the little things live freely,
    on our dime.
    8. Kiss long, and often.
    9. Swap spit in church on Xmas eve night.
    10. See many more New Years days, as us.
    11. Follow a set of paw prints on the roadside.
    12. Braid grass
    13. Brush sand off each others cheekbones at the beach
    14. Bake a cake and give it to someone who wasn't expecting one
    15. Hold each other gently in the palm of a hand
    16. Make faces at a baby
    17. Kiss secretly in the kitchen while we cook for our friends who came to visit
    18. Kiss not so secretly at a New year's party as someone else plays the music
    19. Sing
    20. Be a stunner.
    21. Keep an Ostrich called, Saul Dupree (no boots, sports a hat).
    22. Have bear and petal dance, to beats of just one clock.
    23. 23, should be, just you, and me.

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