• Nikki Iles Orchestra gigs

  • Posted on 14/02/22 04:34pm
  • It's always a beautiful thing to play music
    that has been loved into being, as this set of pieces has.
    Elegant twists and turns throughout and a familiar
    face at the door of a house of warm stories, and longing,
    and risk, and an open invitation, to add flavour to the food.
    I've known, Nikki, almost 40 years, from early college teaching,
    through various ensembles, Park Hall dances, dark green too fast Astra's,
    rolling white VWs, church scraped vans, knotty harmony made balletic
    by new, familiar melodies.
    Lovely concerts at Leeds, Sheffield, Scarborough, and the Sage, Gateshead.
    Such a pleasure to catch up with Ianto Thomas, who sculpted a path through
    in a beautifully musical way.
    Thanks to all the musicians, old friends and new,
    and to Nikki, for wonderful music, and unwavering friendship.

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