• A quick note for communication

  • Posted on 21/07/21 09:21am
  • Are you consistent?
    You're direct and honest on social media,
    even a little caustic, when the time warrants it,
    dare I say, a little cruel, on occasion.
    But are you consistent?
    Do you use the same language, epithets,
    when face to face with your interlocuter?
    If you don't... why don't you?
    I don't think I've ever known a time where
    people have relished snatching the chance to
    be pissed off at someone who made the mistake
    of thinking that our communication used the same language
    as it did a couple of hours ago.
    This will to snare a passer-by who's wearing high heels
    on sneakers day, will implode.
    At least be brave, and say what you'd say, online.
    And then show real courage, and listen to the answer
    without interruption, without screaming them into submission.

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