• What has happened to having a simple opinion?

  • Posted on 01/06/21 02:31pm
  • "No-one should be inheritors of collective innocence
    or collective guilt'. Bari Weiss

    "Some proactively shun the counternarrative".

    "That white, middle aged, schizophrenic, homeless guy -
    where does he rank in the heirarchy?"

    Has online media, social network sites and the like, spilled onto the streets?
    People used to say don't believe everything you read in the papers -
    don't get sucked into Twitter - it's just anonymous people having a rant
    or just trolling to make their day a little more palatable.
    But now, it seems that these reactive, often incendiary
    online interactions are stunting our growth in everyday life.
    We just can't agree to disagree.
    Hate comes into play way too easily.
    I have a slightly different opinion to you, suddenly I'm evil?
    It's all a little scripted, and people seem to be waiting, with baited breath,
    to read you their script. And the laws of social media, seem to bypass
    actual laws.
    Where will it end? You want to live in a world where all those around you
    either agree or pretend to agree with you?
    That's the world you want?
    People, no matter their creed or colour or persuasion, will game the system.
    It's a human thing. Go figure.
    To watch Twittersville and the like, spill onto the streets,
    denigrating individuality, whilst somehow infringing upon
    the rights of certain groups that don't jive with their world view,
    is confusing and worrying to say the least.
    How do groups live together without imposing their preferred way
    of living onto the other group? And how does this play out
    in the libertarian world?
    What a desperately uninteresting world it would be, if one group
    dictates the parameters of discourse always
    to the drumbeat of their own agenda.
    That's been done before, of course, to disastrous ends, and, invariably
    those particular regimes set laws for the people,
    (for the people's own good, of course) whilst at the same time
    choosing to live outside those laws.
    Hint: Don't ever point this out to the regime - you're going to get
    some particularly toe-curling, brazen, frankly bizarre excuses as to why
    they are exempt from these laws, and you'll be deemed a bigot for
    pointing it out, then shamed, cancelled, and in certain regimes
    you will pay the ultimate price.

    For me, one must align onself with one's core,
    and not get swept up in the raging river of the madding crowd,
    maybe meeting each other at the cente of our respective cores,
    bringing them together in mutual respect.
    Just my opinion.

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