• Lesson tip.

  • Posted on 23/05/21 09:33am
  • Stop moving on too quickly from something you are learning.
    Stay with it.
    Studying triad pairs? Make it a year then, not a week.
    All you do, when you move on too quickly, is make a habit
    of digesting something for the shortest time, so that it makes
    absolutely no difference to your playing, whatsoever.
    In other words, a total waste of time.

    Someone, a student, said to me recently, 'I can't swing...
    It doesn't feel natural to me, I just don't feel it and I don't
    think I ever will'.
    'Ok' I said.... 'Let's find out whether that is true'
    We hammered swing for 3 months. No prizes here,
    but he's swinging 3 months later.

    So stick with it. Let it make a difference.
    Then write something that contains that difference
    so it embeds itself into your playing.

    Do it.

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