• The silence of doubt

  • Posted on 09/05/21 08:59am
  • Remember when friendship welcomed different opinions?
    Lost in the rage, there's a friend, reluctant to remember.
    Stay strong in your glorious doubt, be brave, hold fast,
    they will, eventually, see nuance through the fog
    of their intractability, unfettered from their sure opinions,
    tired of the lonely life of the righteous.

    I love the phrase 'I'm not so sure, let's explore'.
    It's the green light to get into the weeds and
    dig a little deeper than what fuels the media
    to get you fired up. Or just fired.

    Doubt has backed into the shadows, safe behind
    closed doors. Many are nodding, meaning no.
    Foresight is fading, hindsight on the up.
    Hindsight is the new crystal ball.
    You should have seen this coming even though I didn't.

    And then the wave. The wave of opinion. As though it holds a truth,
    because it's a wave. While the rest of the coast is calm.

    What happened to doubt?
    It became dangerous to express it.
    At some point, certain media will back track,
    they'll change the story, blur the lines because
    it's in their interest. The wave of opinion
    will no longer hold sway. Then doubt will start
    to move into conversation again.
    And those screamers will be left with the reverberations
    of their righteousness echoing off the walls in an empty room.

    I never thought I'd see the day when it was actually dangerous
    to disagree, and even more so, to be unsure.

    Be brave. Slurs don't hold truth by default.
    The ease in which they are hurled, or snaked into
    conversation, is a desperate measure to shame you out of
    your doubt and into their thought-prison.

    Laughter is key.
    Feel your doubt. Explore it.
    Then take that monumental step (my god, it became monumental!!)
    and air it. It's ok.
    All will be well.

    "The real enemy is the person who tries to mold the human
    spirit so that it will not dare to spread its wings".

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