• Feb 2020 A lovely thing

  • Posted on 22/04/21 07:47am
  • Just played a beautiful gig in Edinburgh with Kit Downes and Norma Winstone.
    Instant composition. A dance of silences entwined with improvised non-silences... that sounds clumsy but I'm struggling to plant it.
    It was a joy and why I play music.
    When I checked into the Ibis, Edinburgh.. I had to go through that shenanigans of answering a 'how did we do at check in?' survey in order to get wifi in my room. Out of 'terrible, bad, Ok, Good, Amazing,' I put 'Good'. Then it takes me down another rabbit-hole because answering 'Good' isn't good enough.
    So I have to give pointers to how they can improve the service.
    So I put something like 'There should be Dark Salt Lindt Chocky on arrival in the room. There should be some books. Maybe, Hemingway, to get couples of all persuasions into the Hemingway debate. There should be a map to the heart of the woman I'll fall in love with.'
    After the gig, when I got to my room, there were two bars of Dark Salt Lindt Chocolate waiting on my table with a Card.
    The card said 'Fun Times Ahead' and a hand written note inside said... 'Unfortunately, we couldn't get Hemingway's books, however we got some salted chocolate. We hope the performance has been awesome'.
    Reach out, you never know what beautiful things will come your way.

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