• Social Media is Amazing!

  • Posted on 24/04/21 02:40pm
  • It manages to inform you whilst disinforming you.
    And whether time is pressing, or you have all the time in the world,
    it will provide you with the wrecking ball you need to muddy the waters,
    or sully a reputation, or drive a dangerous ideology underground,
    where it's more difficult to spot, but carries on regardless, quietly recruiting.
    The name you're told, ordered, to use in your bio will become tomorrows slur
    and you'll be told, ordered, not to use it anymore.
    So, live and let live is quickly falling out of fashion.
    You can't be you, but they can be whoever they choose.
    You can have diversity of opinion, as long as it aligns with their world view.
    I left social media. I don't find it, on the whole, a very giving place.
    I like the connectivity, especially for lonely, isolated people.
    But the conflagrations of outrage that virus themselves into topics
    as innocent as cake or knitting became tedious in their predictability.
    I was on Twitter for a while. It didn't take long for someone to
    school me in my inherent racism. It's not an intrinsically bad thing,
    you understand, but it's always there.
    I asked them if they had it too, and they said yes.
    I asked how they knew, and they said because
    when they see someone not like them,
    they clutch their bag tighter. I said I'd never felt this in my life.
    'Never!!?' they said, 'I find that hard to believe'. I found this genuinely shocking.
    And then I got it. That person was telling me about their inherent racism, not mine.
    The bigotry they see, is a mirror they look into. They're taking a selfie.

    The scramble to blame, to castigate, to demonise,
    has become a way to earn points,
    likes, validation, and, (dangerous beyond belief), money.
    People game the system.
    I hope it's a phase. When money is to be made from finding witches,
    the tendency is to find witches at all costs, in all corners,
    until the finders themselves are accused.
    People start to prove their innocence, through accusatory swipes at others.
    It's happened in every dictatorial landscape since history began.
    This is the way to be. Why are you not on board to our right way?
    Hey look everyone, that person isn't on board!
    They're doing their own thing, which isn't our thing, so let the ridicule begin.

    Life will get in the way at some point, and the dogs they set on others
    will turn around and come for them. It's what happens. It's what has always happened.

    When we spin the tale that people are a mess because of the world,
    because the world is to blame for our sorrows,
    miscalculations, bad decisions, life problems, etc
    it gives us an excuse to point at someone else, someone in our sightline.
    We, conveniently, can't get into our sightline, unless we have a mirror.
    If we don't choose to hold up that mirror, and continue our blame,
    we lose our autonomy. And we demand that the world
    change around us, rather than meet the world as it is,
    and work to change aspects that make it better for everyone.

    At one point, this tucked away post, would have been an easily ignored opinion.
    And we could talk it through, over coffee.
    Now, it's a risk.
    Hey ho.

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