• I'm Having a new guitar made 5

  • Posted on 09/05/21 09:30am
  • Control
    Control layout. Sweet and simple.
  • These pics have been coming in steadily over the last months.
    I'm posting where we're up to pic by pic. I suppose i could have
    done it one longer post but I'm not sure how to do that in this website format.
    Ged suggested we have a basic control layout that didn't interfere with face of
    the body (the face of the body!!!???) too much and I agreed.
    He went out of his way, and waited a long time, to get the woods he wanted
    and it seemed fitting to have as much of it intact as poss, whilst having access to
    all the tones through a 4 way switch.
    We discussed where the switch would be, and I preferred the volume next to my pinky
    with the switch on the outside of the tone control. I tend to swell a lot
    with the volume control so easy access is a must.

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