• I'm Having a new guitar made 2

  • Posted on 09/05/21 09:31am
  • Initial
    Initial idea for shape. 335 size with pronounced upper horn
  • As you can see, the initial idea was to base it on the 335
    with a slightly pronounced horn on the upper part of the body.
    This was the first pic Ged sent with that in mind.
    Ged had an acoustic he was making in the workshop which I was drawn to.
    Lovely elegant shape, almost like a really old Martin that I'd tried (we're talking circa 1880 here)
    at an antique show in Tavistock a few years back. I asked if there was any chance we could base it
    more on that, and he loved the idea of that. So that's where he went with it.
    I'll post that next.

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