• I'm Having a new guitar made 1

  • Posted on 09/05/21 09:31am
  • I tried a guitar last year. My guitar tech, Ged Green,
    who I've been with for years now, also makes beautiful guitars that are gorgeous to play.
    I was having some work done on my 335 and he showed me a Telecaster he'd made.
    The neck was just wonderful and I took it home and played it for a few weeks.
    Sat down, it all made sense. I could hug it into my body if I raised my leg slightly.
    The problem was standing with it. I've had my 335 since I was 17 so i need that body under my arm.
    So, despite it being the Anne Bancroft of guitars (I was besotted with Anne Bancroft) it had to go back.
    Talked to Ged, and we mooted the idea of someting similar with a bigger body.
    That guitar, is being made now, as I write this.
    Ged is starting to send me pics. We're talking about it as we go.
    I think it will be special. I'll share the pics as we progress.
    Stay tooned.


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