• Sleep

  • Posted on 01/04/21 05:26am
  • Every night/morning for the past week, I wake around 4am. I lie here, for about
    an hour or so, changing position, sifting through various techniques
    I've acquired over the years to melt me into dream, to no avail.
    I go years without a problem. I sleep fine. Always broken, but drift off again
    quite easily, with minimum disruption.
    When I was much younger, I was a periodic insomniac,
    sometimes going days without sleeping. I dropped caffeine and alcohol.
    Things improved almost overnight.
    For a long time I had no problem with sleeping.
    And then it crept back in. So now I get bouts of restlessness
    and a few weeks at least when I wake in the early AMs.
    I suffer with restless legs. One in particular drives me nuts.
    It's like there's a leg, bigger than mine, inside my leg, and it wants out.
    I've recently discovered a certain magnesium tablet and it helps
    but it still gnaws at me when I wake up around 4am.
    Sometimes, I do this; I write. Middle of the night/early morning musings and
    three beats in and my eyes get heavy and I close them for a few secs
    and then something kicks in as If to say 'Oh no you don't' and I rouse
    and that brief heaviness lifts and I'm as fresh as a daisy again.
    So, this is 'Sleep'. Nothing too fancy or surreal. Just a plain document
    without linguistic thrills (would that I could) that sets down the mundane
    slop that is sleeplack. There'll be a 'Sleep 2'. It'll be a series.
    I'm going to try and break the pattern today. So no napping in the day.
    If my body says get up after 3 or 4 hours then it's going to damn well stay up!
    My assault starts now.

    Hugs, from a distance.


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