• Allow yourself your own song

  • Posted on 31/03/21 07:37pm
  • Wait. Wait to find out what you feel.
    Wait to find out what you want to say.
    Put a distance between you and your initial thought,
    to see if that thought carries you across the threshold of a new view,
    maybe a better opinion of the one you held yesterday, and the day before.
    Years ago, I remember something leaping out at me from a book I was reading;
    Cultivate a space between stimulus and reaction.
    That stayed with me.
    It's necessary, so that you can see what you really mean
    before you oil your own water with things you may not really feel in your soul.
    Learn to see that regret ahead, rather than on the glance back over your shoulder.
    And keep that regret in sight, always.
    That regret, hasn't happened yet. You haven't danced to it's tune,
    or the all too familiar tune of your history.
    You're writing a new song. Your song.
    Allow yourself to. You may surprise yourself.

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